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Memorandum [pic] To: Kathleen Hicks CC: Human Resources Date: 1/26/12 Re: Training Materials: Internal Revenue Agents This is in reply to your request for information about internal revenue agents. The material will help inform new employees about the demands and job requirements of an IRS agent. The information will be separated into several categories; necessary qualities, prior experience, and daily duties. Mrs. Angela Overstreet, IRS agent, happily helped our team gather information regarding the daily demands of her job. Necessary Qualities Internal revenue agents not only need the basic skills required to perform auditing, but agents also need important qualities such as integrity and commitment. A…show more content…
Documents will include complex amount of numbers with different meanings, and agents must be able to identify problems through auditing. Tax Law Books- IRS agents must have prior experience with the various tax laws. However, a tax book will be used extensively due to the vast amount of laws. Books will also be used to support claims of fraudulent behavior. Tax Returns- The various amounts of tax returns, such as Form 706 and Form W-2, are used to determine income tax. Returns will be compared with financial records to determine if the law is being followed. Financial Records- Agents are given access to corporation’s financial records in order to determine if the law is being followed. Annotated Bibliography Bls (2012). Retrieved from website: The United States Department of Labor developed an occupational outlook handbook
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