Tracking the Stock Sector of Whitehall Jewelers, Inc

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Term Project Tracking One Stock Sector: Specialty Retailers. Company: Whitehall Jewelers, Inc. Symbol: Jwl. The Company is a specialty retailer of fine jewelry offering an in-depth selection in the following key categories: diamond, gold, precious and semi-precious jewelry. Daily price movement from 30th June 2003 To 25th July 2003 Price Earning (Last Available 2003) 15.3 Dividend Yield 0.00 % (No dividend given during the year) Comparison with the Industry (Retail industry) Price Earning Ratio (Latest). JWL: 23.50 Industry: 52.86 (Jewelers:16.5) The ratio indicates the number of times the earnings per share is covered by market price. The P/E ratio is one of the major considerations for an investor to decide whether to buy or not to buy the shares of an entity at a certain price. The difference in the P/E indicates that investors are buying JWL's earnings at a significant discount. This lower valuation may indicate a bargain but could also represent the market's low expectations for the company. Since earnings tend to fluctuate and can often distort the P/E ratio the EPS of the company is $.66 when multiplied with its P/E ratio of 23.5 its gives a market price of $ 15.51which is $ 4.92 then the current market price of $ 10.49. When you compare it with the Jewelers sector it seems that the JWL is far forward then its raw competitors, which is a good sign for the company. Return on Assets. JWL: 3.6% Industry: -3.43%

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