Tracks by Louise Erdrich Essay

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Chapter 1, Nanapush Summary

Nanapush talks about the conditions of his Native American tribe in North Dakota. He is considered an elder although he is only fifty years old. Nanapush is talking to someone he calls Granddaughter about how he saves her mother, Fleur Pillager. Fleur recuperates and bonds with Nanapush over their dead families. When the weather permits, Fleur and Nanapush bury the dead Pillagers. Nanapush makes the clan markers, which is the symbol of a bear. Back at Nanapush's place, Nanapush and Fleur suffer from their losses. The new priest, Father Damian, interrupts them. He says that Fleur's cousin Moses has been found alive in the woods. Fleur and Nanapush are startled by his visit, but they are hospitable to their
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He says his father gave him the name Nanapush because it is about "trickery and living in the bush." Although he is close to Fleur, she rebels against him. Fleur comes back wearing a green dress and hiding a secret

Chapter 4, Pauline Summary

In her dreams, Pauline is haunted by the men in Argus. Since Regina has Dutch, Pauline is anxious to escape. She gets her chance with the arrival of Bernadette Morrissey, a widow, and her brother Napoleon. Pauline notes that they are well off, mixed-bloods who have acquired land. Napoleon is single, but has a drinking problem; however, he is admired as a good Catholic for taking in his sister and her three children, Clarence, Sophie, and Philomena. Pauline lies to Bernadette and tells them she is abused at Regina's and has to do rough chores. Bernadette tells her that she will have to work hard in her home, but she will not be abused. Pauline thinks God will reward Bernadette.
Bernadette knows how to handle finances which she does while dealing with the.....

Bernadette knows how to handle finances which she does while dealing with the.....

Chapter 5, Nanapush Summary

Eli shows up at Nanapush's house. Eli wants Nanapush to feel sorry for him, but Nanapush refuses. Eli and Nanapush argue about Fleur. Nanapush has his own worries about the land. His people are losing it because of illiteracy. Nanapush remembers being a government interpreter until he
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