Tractor: A Narrative Fiction

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short story
My heart pounded erratically, my feet moved to the beat of my racing heart. Branches slapped across my chest. I didn’t dare look back; the cloaked men were nearing, I could hear their thumping footsteps all in sync with each other getting closer and closer. There was no chance I could take them all. In almost a demonic manner the cult said “We know you are here Felix, you can run but you can’t hide, you are mine.Mine! Forever!”The next thing I knew my vision was beginning to blur. Then it happened.There was no way to stop it. It was taking over. I had no control over myself. My body had a mind of it’s own. I uselessly became limp I was passed out hard cold.
Today is the day. I’m finally gonna do it. No more putting it off. I’m gonna get a story. I’m gonna find out the truth once and for all.
I’ve heard the rumors. They all say the same things. Large statue. White vans. Men in black suits. The people stopped dead in their tracks as they stare deep
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Pasha took a few steps back, he started to run he let out a war cry and leapt for the gate and grasped onto the bars of the gate like a monkey swinging from vine to vine. My eyes nearly popped out of my sockets. The gate. The iron gate flew open, making the rusty hinges squeak. My jaw dropped so far down I thought it would fall off. I faced the camera towards my face and said “Ladies and gentleman would you take a look at that, it’s like this is fate.” As Pasha jumped down from the gate I began to venture into the deep woods. I was suddenly stopped dead in my tracks.Once again I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. The statue.The statue of oculus anubis. In all it’s white glory it was looming above me so high it made my neck hurt bending it that far back. Pasha finally caught up with me, he was just as speechless as I was,
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