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The poem “Tractor” is written by Ted Hughes is literally about a tractor. The season is winter and the man is trying to start the tractor but is unable to do so because of the weather. Eventually, the man is able to start the tractor. However, while reading it further, this poem seems to be telling us that with determination, man can overcome many problems no matter how tough the problem is, using nature as a form of trouble to humans. Moreover, it also tells us that the journey to solving the problem is difficult. This poem is in nine stanzas, where the first four stanzas describe the process of starting up the tractor while the last five stanzas, describe how the tractor finally starts up and rejoices. The poet personifies the tractor…show more content…
Hence, we can see that the poet has created negative impressions of anger and disappointment through the use of the first person narrative point of view, while the persona is still determined to start it up. Next, I would be talking about the use of imagery to create impressions of success. Firstly, the poet uses the simile “like a demon” that demonstrates a “more-than-usually-complete materialization”. This simile compares the characteristic of ‘materialization’ to the starting of the tractor, where the phrase “more-than-usually-complete” emphasizes that the effort taken to start the tractor was immense and tremendously difficult such that the ignition of the tractor’s engine is “more-than-usually-complete”, displaying the impressions of success. Furthermore, the poet uses the personification ‘levers awake imprisoned deadweight’, where the word ‘awake’ is used to cause someone to get up from sleep. This word tells us that the tractor is “awaken” after a deep sleep, and that shows us that the persona is successful in “awaking” the tractor. Additionally, the word “imprisoned” suggests that that the tractor was locked away, but is now freed from imprisonment, suggesting triumph and victory in starting the tractor. Hence, we can see that poet uses imagery to create impressions of success and victory. Also, I will be discussing the use of contrast in the

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