Tractor Tractors And The Farmers

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How to Operate a Tractor Tractors assist farmers feed by providing time-saving power, comfort, and speed to the farmer. Since the beginning, tractors have greatly helped farmer increase there acreage and feed more people. They have become an indispensable, technologically advanced tool on the farm, and has transformed the world of farming by allowing farmers to farm more ground while spending less time working in the fields. Since the first steam powered tractor was built in the late 1800’s the progression and advancement of tractors has never stopped, and never will stop. The tractor has aided farmers significantly since John Froehlich’s first gas powered tractor in the 1890’s caught many farmers’ eyes (Tractor). By increasing the…show more content…
Steam tractors were a great invention that helped farmers to complete their daily tasks, however they were heavy, slow, non-efficient, and posed a fire hazard because of the fire needed to create the steam. These reasons caused John Froelich to experiment with gas engines and was the first to build a gas powered tractor. Froelich worked on a steam powered threshing crew that threshed wheat in Iowa, North, and South Dakoda (“This Day”). He realized that “One spark from the boiler on a windy day could set the whole prairie afire” (“This Day”). Froelich obtained a gas engine and mounted in to the steam engines frame to see if it had the same power and could do the same job as a steam engine. It was a success (“This Day”). He then went on, with eight investors, to create the Waterloo Gasoline Traction and Engine Company in 1849 (“Tractors”). They produced a few different models, but at that time farmers didn’t think that gas engines were an improvement from steam engine. Throughout the early years of farming, all tractors had steel wheels. In the beginning, steel wheels were not problematic, but after tractors had become increasingly popular, the farmers realized that the solid tires were causing soil compaction and were not suitable for fast road travel. With the prior invention of rubber, farmers started using solid rubber bolted on their steel tractor wheels. The
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