Tractors Help Farmers And Farmers

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Tractors help farmers feed by providing time-saving power, comfort, and speed to the farmer. Since the beginning tractors have greatly helped farmer increase there acreage and feed more people. They have become an indispensable, technology advanced tool on the farm, and has changed the world of farming by allowing farmers to farm more ground while spending less time working in the fields. Since the first steam powered tractor was built in the late 1800’s the progression and advancement of tractors has never stopped, and never will stop. The tractor has aided farmers significantly since John Froehlich’s first gas powered tractor in the 1890’s caught many farmers’ eyes (Tractor). By increasing the amount of work that could be done and…show more content…
Throughout the early years of farming all tractors had steel wheels. In the beginning steel wheels were not a problem but after tractors had become popular the farmers realized that the solid tires were causing soil compaction and was not suitable for fast road travel. With the prior invention of the rubber farmers started using solid rubber bolted on their steel tractor wheels. The invention of the pneumatic tire led to farmers paying the extra price to purchase pneumatic tires. This gave them better traction, less ground compaction, and decreased fuel consumption. The farmers quickly regained their investment of the pneumatic tires and by 1937 50% of all tractors had rubber tires (Carroll 36). This innovation helped to fuel the tractor industry. SOMETHING Tractors have advanced considerably since the early tractors. The initial John Deere tractors that were mass produced could be purchased for less than $2,000 and had less than 20 horsepower and weighed less than two tons (Holder 20). The tractors were loud, hard to steer, and had a solid steel seat. This was in the late 1920s and early 1930s. A little over 85 years later tractors have evolved into 30 ton machines of pure power, all 650 horsepower of it. There comfort cab has heat and air conditioning, radio, and can be equipped with a leather seat and a mini refrigerator (Products). This is all great, but only if you have $577,000 to invest into a tractor, not to mention
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