Tracy Kidder’s Mountains Beyond Mountains Essay

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Tracy Kidder’s Mountains Beyond Mountains
“The only real nation is humanity” (Farmer 123). This quote represents a huge message that is received in, Tracy Kidder’s, Mountains Beyond Mountains. This book argues that universal healthcare is a right and not a privilege. Kidder’s book also shows the audience that every individual, no matter what the circumstances, is entitled to receive quality health care. In the book Kidder represents, Paul Farmer, a man who spends his entire life determined to improve the health care of impoverished areas around the world, namely Haiti, one of the poorest nations in the world. By doing this the audience learns of the horrible circumstances, and the lack of quality health care that nations like Haiti
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Although these two articles have many great arguments the author Michael F. Cannon, in his article entitled “A “Right” to Heath Care?”, depicts the holes in these agreements by describing the difficulties with declaring health care as a human right. In this paper, I will demonstrate how Kidder, as well as the other authors, uses pathos to appeal to the readers emotions, and logos to provide the reader with factual evidence to support their claims that health care should be a right to every individual no matter what the circumstances. Throughout Kidders book Mountains Beyond Mountains, it is strongly argued that many of the impoverished nations around the world have extremely inadequate and horrible health care.
In lieu of this inadequate care, many illnesses that could be easily eliminated go untreated. This argument is represented in the following quote from Kidders book, “A very small elderly looking women, her body bent at the waist, at a right angle. Long before farmer met her, tuberculosis of the spine had devoured pieces of her backbone-a case of Potts disease, easily cured but it had gone untreated and was “burnt out” (Kidder26). This is an example of the conditions of the health care in Haiti and other similar countries. This shows the reader that there are many things happening to these poor people that could easily be prevented with the right health care. Yet, because they are

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