Trade Imbalance Between China And China

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While the wester hemisphere was experiencing drastic changes like colonies attaining their independence and turning into more modern nations, many adversities were taking place throughout nations in the eastern hemisphere. China was one of those nations. China was a nation known for isolating itself from outside influence, especially from the Europeans. Soon the Europeans began to grow jealous of China 's bounty of enticing goods and resources such as porcelain, tea and silk. China on the other hand did not have any need for European goods. In pursuit to put a halt to the trade imbalance between the two nations, Britain started to smuggle opium into China. The reason behind this was because the Chinese had no need for Britain 's goods but…show more content…
The silver shortage pushed Britain 's urgency to end the imbalance and this was a key contribution to the Opium Wars. The supply of opium transported into China was exceptionally low in the beginning of the 18th century. The number of chests of opium brought into China went from less than 1,000 per year to about 5,000 between the years 1770 and 1800. (Document 10). The people started to realize the hooking outcomes of opium as the importation had a sudden increase within a 30 year span. This initiated the concern about the trade and Chinese officials were outraged by the habit. They had made their port available and traded as a kind gesture and in return Britain, "poisoned our brave people with opium." (Document 9) Over the next 40 years importation of the drug increased remarkably. The importation rose to forty thousand chests a year by 1840 as more citizens became hooked on the drug (Document 10). Document 3 depicts the effects of opium. As you can see, 5 men in the picture are slumped over and out of their minds while sprawled across the table while some are staring off into space with blank expression on their faces. Although the emperor placed a ban on the trade, this didn 't cease the Chinese and Europeans from smuggling enormous amounts of the drug into China. The Opium War was fueled by the illegal trade. In Chinese commissioners Lin Zexu 's letter
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