Essay on Trade Mark and Intellectual Property Laws in Singapore

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In this preliminary report, we will outline the issues of trade mark and the need to protect intellectual property. It will provide some background information on what is an intellectual property and the importance of protecting one’s intellectual property. We will also list out the different intellectual property laws in Singapore which exists and provide a brief summary of each of these laws and their applications. Trade mark and the Trade Mark Act will be given further emphasis in the report with a more detailed explanation. There will also be a brief summary and explanation of two cases of trade mark infringement, which are one local (Nutello vs Nutella), another one will be international (Gucci vs Guess) and how these two cases impacted users of both business and end users of intellectual property.

Overall, this preliminary report describes the importance of intellectual properties and the laws in Singapore that are in place to protect one’s intellectual properties and reinforcing it by providing two examples of trade mark infringement cases.
How the two cases impact users (business and end-users) of intellectual property

In such cases, users of intellectual property of both business and end users will definitely be affected.

On the business end, there would be some loss of revenue if the products of two different brands are too similar, which is the case in Gucci vs Guess. However, as the brands are targeting two entirely different markets, the…