Trade Patterns Of Usa And China

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Abstract Introduction The following paper coherently illustrates the trade patterns of USA and China and describes the various trade policies developed over the past years that have impacted the respective economies of both countries alongside the effect of the same on the bilateral trade relations between the two. Based upon the previous statistics, US-China trade is considerably one of the largest trading partners in today’s economies. Both countries’ trade relations entail exchange of investment, services as well as goods varying from agricultural products to non-agricultural products. Currently, China is the second-largest trading partner, third-largest export market and the biggest source of imports for the United States. The U.S. government’s debt purchased by China provides US the benefits of low interest rates (Morrison, 2015). While for few this economic relationship is considered to have a positive effect as it helps to fund the U.S. economy, for others it is an attributable concern that China may gain more power over the U.S (, 2016). Some major trade policies have negatively impacted the trade patterns of the two countries in a way that in spite of their growing ties, the bilateral trade relationship is often laden with complexities. According to U.S., China’s unfinished ‘transition to a free market economy’ is the root cause for many trade tensions. While China has liberalized its trade governance over the last thirty years, it continues to maintain

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