Trade Relationship Between Thailand and China

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Term Paper Title Page for Postgraduate Program 上海大学2010~2011学年春季学期研究生课程考试 Spring Term, Academic Year 2010-2011, Shanghai University 课程名称/Course Name: International Trade Theory and Policy 论文题目/Paper Title: Trade Relationship between Thailand and China 研究生姓名/Name: Ms. Thip Koo-akarakul 学号/Student ID: 10760002 研究生班级/Class: 2010 论文评语/Reviewer’s Remark: 成 绩/Score: 任课教师/Reviewer: 评阅日期/Review Date: Abstract The objective of this paper is to study the relationship of the trade between Thailand and China and its impact after open China ASEAN free trade area. Thailand and China have a limited agreement which eliminated tariffs on some 116…show more content…
After that, it was expected to reduce the tariff in the region from 2005. Based on its schedules, the 6 original ASEAN countries must complete their tariff reduction in 2010 while the remaining four countries; Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam will follow suit in 2015. Moreover, under the framework of ASEAN – China Free Trade Area, two sides are able to reduce the tariff in some items before the due date which was called “Early Harvest” or pre – free trade. The agreed items were the agricultural products code 01-08, i.e. live animals, meats, fishes, milk products, other animal products, trees, vegetables and fruits, by effective on 1 January 2004 and will be reduced to 0% within 2006. Until October 1, 2003, ASEAN and China signed a new agreement to reduce the tariff to 0% for products code 07 and 08 which is vegetables and fruits. It shortened the official free trading enforcement for 3 months and also affected the customs duty of vegetables and fruits between Thailand and China became 0% since that time. This article is aimed to reveal the impact of an executed part of ASEAN – China Free Trade Area to Thailand, by analyzing the problems, obstacles of exporting and the utilization of this free trading, throughout evaluate the impact in the present as well as offer suggestions, strategy and solutions, in order to assist Thailand earns the most advantage from this free trading. III. Overview the trade relationship
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