Trade, Religion And Politics: The Root Cause Of War

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Trade, religion, and politics: these are the root causes for war. For centuries, war has been driven by the ever enduring growth of mankind. Mankind has continuously created its own barriers for success and proliferation through these barriers it has created massive tension amongst itself. The Crusades, the Russo-Japanese War, and the Boxer Rebellion are all conflicts throughout time that exemplify mankind’s yearning for advancement. The control of trade, the spreading of religion, and the projection of political beliefs are the three root agents for war. The pursuit for trade dominance has caused many conflicts throughout the world. The War of 1812 was completely motivated by trade. During the conflict Britain and France threatened United States merchants trade bringing forth embargos and other temporary trade restrictions. These restrictions eventually caused enough tension for war to breakout amongst the affected parties. Trade then had its hand with the Boxer Rebellion, which was the driving out of western powers from China as well as their imperialist economy.
The spread of religion is known far and wide as one of the chief calamities to cause war. The
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Archduke Franz Ferdinand, one man, was assassinated by a Serbian terrorist group known as the Black Hand. Just one man was killed but that one man’s political status gave the Austro-Hungarian government all the reason in the world to retaliate against Serbia. Normally that retaliation would have just caused a single war between two countries but many political ties and agreements that were set the flame for the first World War had been lit. Simply because of these political ties the deadliest and most violent of all wars happened, and with the unrest created after this war more political parties rose to power. Most notably the Nazi party in Germany which was eventually led by Adolf Hitler whom almost single handedly plunged the world into a second World
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