Trade Secret Of Coca Cola

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The multi-billion dollar brand, Coca Cola, which represents a soft carbonated soda, was invented in 1886. It was Dr. John S. Pemberton, hailing from Atlanta, who through curiosity invented such distinct soda. However, businessman Asa Griggs Candler, with his brilliant business ideas and marketing strategies bought out Coca- Cola and the beverage expanded into been the most dominating soft-drink in the world. The successful production of the beverage led to the owners of Coca Cola Company to protect their recipe of the beverage by using a trade secret. With the use of the trade secret, the secret must have been kept because this method was not as formal as a patent. The owners and executives will go to great lengths to ensure the recipe remains a secret. Hence, it has been rumoured that only two Coca-Cola executives are required to know the formula, and each will only be given access to different halves of the formula. In addition another effort to keep Coca-Cola a secret was to writing down the formula. However, the formula was written down after, the ownership of the company was handed over to Woodruff, to be used as collateral for a loan. The secrecy of the formula continued as the formula was stored in the vault of banks and as of the 125th Anniversary the vault was moved to World of Coca-Cola at Atlanta, where it…show more content…
Under the Patent Act of 1836, the secret would have only remained protected for 17 years. Although there was an extension in 1995 to 20 years, under The Uruguay Round Agreements Act, trade secrets can be held for eternity. 2. Using the intellectual property protection the company would have been required to release a detailed description secret formula so that its competitors would be able to use the formula as well to make
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