Trade Union Act, 1926 Essay

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TRADE UNION ACT, 1926. Trade Union is the most suitable, voluntary organization for improving the relations between the employers and the employees. It was formulated in 1926 and enforced from 1st June 1927. The Act mandates the laws related to the various Trade Unions in India and also provides certain facilities and privileges, protect the interest and welfare of the Union members. Also to inculcate a sense of responsibility and discipline among the union members. This Act is applicable to the whole of India, except Jammu and Kashmir. Aims and Objectives of the Act:  Any organization or industry having any minimum number of workers have the right to form Trade Union and elect members of the same.  It has the right to work in interest of workers, protect them against exploitation, and to maintain a grievance redressal system which will be reported to the management.  Protect the rights and wages of workers, increase their opportunities for training, promotion and development. Action against workers who commits any indecent activities, crime, or in-disciplinary action. Definitions: 1) Appropriate Government [Sec. 2]: Central or State Government. 2) Executive [Sec. 2 (a)]: Executive means the body of which the management of the affairs of a Trade Union is 3) Trade Dispute [Sec. 2(g)]: A trade dispute means any dispute between the employers and workmen. 4) Trade Union [Sec. 2(h)]: Trade Union means any combination, whether temporary or permanent,
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