Trade Union

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Trade Union In

Group Members

Sunil Goriah ………………12/0935/2499

Sachin Ramsuran………... 12/0935/2357

Selwin Collier………………13/0935/2342

Presentation Outline

Early attempts to form Trade Union

How Trade Union was born in Guyana

Effect of Trade Union on Workers

The Enmore Strike

What is Trade

Early Attempts to form Trade Unions

There was basically four (4)early attempts of forming Trade Unions.
These are:

River captains

Laborers and Tradesmen in New Amsterdam


Civil Servants

A Journey to Show Why
Mr.Critchlow is Termed as the Father of Trade

How Did Trade Union Come About?

When slavery was abolished in 1833 a number of slaves left the estates and reside
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• There shall be such officers and clerks in the department of the chief Labour officer
• as may be required.
• The deputy chief labour officer and assistant chief labour officer shall act as assistants
• generally to the chief labour office in the performance of his duties

Labour Laws cont’d
Where a difference exists or is apprehended between an employer or any class of employees, or between different classes of employees

Regulation of wages
Whenever the Minister deems it expedient that steps should be taken to regulate the wages paid in any occupation in Guyana or any part thereof he may appoint an Advisory Committee to investigate the conditions of employment in such occupation and to make recommendations as to the minimum rates of wages which should be payable.

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