Trade With Saudi Arabi The Five Dimensions Of Culture

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TRADE WITH SAUDI ARABIA Introduction Saudi Arabia is a country located in South-East Asia and according to the Department of Commerce, is the “largest economies in the Middle East and North Africa region” (International Trade Association). The purpose of this paper is to provide details that will assist a US company with being successful in conducting business in Saudi Arabia. The Five Dimensions of Culture There are five Dimensions of Culture that Hofstede mentions in International Business, The Challenge of Global Competition. These include: Individualism-collectivism, power distance, uncertainty avoidance, masculinity-femininity and long-term orientation/Confucian dynamism. Understanding these dimensions will assist a U.S.…show more content…
It is important that an American trying to do business in Saudi Arabia understand the hierarchy so they don’t offend anybody. Uncertainty Avoidance describes “a society’s comfort with uncertainty” (Ball 100). The Saudi Arabian culture prefers to avoid uncertainty, meaning they feel the “need” to have strict laws and rules, and expect to have clear procedures to maintain the status quo. (Ball 100). An American trying to do business in Saudi Arabia will need to remember that change is not welcomed so innovation may be resisted (The Hofstede Center). Masculinity-femininity dimension describes the gap between the roles of men and women in the culture (Ball 100). Saudi Arabia is a masculine society meaning that both men are typically more assertive and competitive. Although there aren’t as many women working in Saudi Arabia, the women that do work are considered to be assertive and competitive, just like their male counterparts. An American would need to keep this in mind in regards to management because the culture expects management to be decisive and assertive (The Hofstede Center). Long-term orientation/Confucian dynamism is explained as the “level to which people in the culture will persevere to overcome obstacles they cannot overcome with will or strength” (Ball 101). The culture of Saudi Arabia a short-term-oriented society. This means that they
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