Trade union decline in UK

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Trade union is a form of organization where employees and leaders with common interests join in order to promote and protect those interests. These collective organisations have the role to negotiate with the employers the wages and the working conditions, they also help ease the relationships between employers and employees by diminishing the conflict between them and act collectively when it comes to implement the terms of collective bargaining. As Webbs shows, the trade unions are ‘a continuous association of wage-earners for the purpose of maintaining or improving the conditions of their working lives’(Webb and Webb, 1920, 1). Because the employer has the power in an organisation by having the authority to hire and fire people, the…show more content…
The first one is the fact that employees still need someone to fight for their rights and for their economic existence while their existence will stimulate the management to be effective. The second reason is the fact that because the organisations and the structure of the economy are changing continuously, the labour needs to be organised, and the need for a workforce voice is needful because the management, in the pursuit of being competitive and ethic, it may ignore the people’s issues. Unions need to retain their members and to attract new ones by making their presence to be sought and by avoiding derecognition. Another study claimed that the recognition of the unions is a hard goal to achieve and that the opposite of recognition contributed to the weakened unionisation (Disney et al., 1994). What some have said, it is vital for unions if they want to survive, to take into account the ‘New Unionism’ or ‘New Realism’ (Bassett, 1986; Roberts, 1987). Some supporters of the ‘new unionism’ agreed with the fact that the management has the right to manage and that it would be better for unions to have a good relationship with it in order to ensure that the maximum level of efficiency is touched. From those few unions that deny the role of the management, there are several agreeing with the fact that there are decisions of the management that are not in line with their objectives and therefore they need to protect their members by using
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