Trader Jobs

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Examining Emotions, Attitudes, and Job Satisfaction

Trader Joe

Kimberly Love

Dr. Thomas Schaefer

Business 520

Leadership and Organizational

July 20, 2014

Trader Joe’s founder had a perception for his stores after vacationing in the Caribbean. He perceived that the customers would try new things while on vacationing. Also realized that less is better. Many time customers buy more when there is less to choose from in that store. Their attention is only selective when there is not a big variety of supplies.
Trader Joe case describes the business practices and how they reinvented themselves. Trader Joe’s set themselves apart from the 7- Eleven style store they had and they became top competitors to Whole Foods and
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Attitudes not only effects job satisfaction and performance but also the relationship with customers. Managers and employees should never express negativity around customers at any given time this type of attitude can cause loss of sales. We tend to perform better when we can recognize and deal with emotions in ourselves and others. When our emotional intelligence level is high we are able to cope with all attitudes and behaviors at any given time. Success comes easier if I shall say when we possess and can identify the four key competencies in being a leader. The four competencies are self- awareness, social awareness, self-management, and relationship management. Managers must be in a good mood even when they are not wanting to. The intense emotions positive or negative reaction from the manager or employee can cause a certain behavior or mood.
Three leadership practices that Trader Joe’s can implement to increase a competitive edge of the organization are model the way, inspire a shared vision, and enable others to act. The leader should set an example of the way the organization should be. The leader should set principles on how the customers, employees, and leaders should be treated and how goals shall be reached within the organization. Next the leader should inspire a shared vision. Leaders believe
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