Trader Joe's 4p Analysis

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Trader Joe’s - a fascinate company Marianne Nguyen March 17, 2013 From a modern marketing point of view, grocery business and its stores are in “maturity and saturated stage” of the market-product life cycle. The aging of the baby boomer generation and the rising trend of healthy organic foods made way for Trader Joe’s, a less traditional grocery store with many more “hip” brands and innovations. Trader Joe’s is a fascinating company. It is privately owned and a sassy young company. It started off modestly with few small convenience stores in Pasadena, California. Trader Joe’s were differentiated from the local grocery stores with its tropical theme and its “exclusive” business style (naming the store…show more content…
Nevertheless, Trader Joe’s products are unique and in many cases, exclusive to its own private label. It has great merchandise mix. Beside their basic organic and “non-organic” products, their special and “health conscience” products include vegan, vegetarian, no gluten, fat-free, quick meals, low sodium, Kosher, etc. Customers can fall in love with Trader Joe’s Organic Mango Passion Granola Cereal or their special blended Strawberry Kiwi Juice or the Gluten and Dairy-Free Homestyle Pancakes or Tofu Edamame Nuggets or Thai Vegetable Gyoza (handmade in Thailand with no artificial flavors or preservatives) or marinated rack of lamb or Mushroom Risotto! Overall, Trader Joe’s currently now performs well. But things can change when Trader Joe’s quickly expands and the specialty foods market becomes saturated. Would it be able to uphold its highly rated customer service and preserve its own special image as a great neighborhood grocery store, in favor of its expansion? In a fast growing natural and organic foods market, there will be more new and existing competitors who seek to be like Trader Joe’s style, will Trader Joe’s be able to maintain its differentiation? Trader Joe’s definitely should change and modify its strategy to fit into the modern marketing in order to

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