Trader Joe's: Motivation, Management, Leadership & Development

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Trader Joe’s (MMLD): Motivation, Management, Leadership & Development
Trader Joe’s is a major food retailer who has developed quite the name for themselves. It has well over 350 stores in over 32 states and is expected to continually grow over the next few years (Bond, 2012). For over 50 years, Trader Joe’s has been providing quality customer services, products and a unique shopping experience for its customers. They have come a very long way from when they first officially opened their doors. Trader Joe’s started when its founder Joe Coulombe wanted to find a way to differentiate his 7-Eleven stores (Schermerhorn, Osborn, Uhl-Bien & Hunt, 2012). In the food retailer industry, Trader Joe’s has developed a process that works well and
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This tactic helps those parents whose children that may not enjoy their weekly trips to the grocery store. The children now have a fun experience to associate with mommy or daddy grocery store trip. Mini shopping carts are also available for the children to get them involved in the shopping process (Bond, 2012). Another way Trader Joe’s motivates its employees is by providing higher pay and excellent benefits. Their employees make more than the average cashier or manager of any of its competitors (Speizer, 2004). Generous compensation and benefits can help boost employee morale. When employees feel like they are valued and compensated for the work they do they tend to be more loyal. This is better known as an extrinsic reward. These types of rewards lead to employees feeling positively valued (Schermerhorn et al., 2012). Lastly, Trader Joe’s motivates its employees by promoting from within. All managers at some point have been cashiers or floor salespersons. Therefore, Trader Joe’s has created the Trader Joe’s University so employees are able to receive the proper training so they are able to efficiently operate a store one day (Schermerhorn et al., 2012). By promoting from within, employees have advancement opportunities to look forward to.
The management process can sometimes be a tedious process. It involves planning, organizing, leading and controlling (Schermerhorn et al., 2012). Trader Joe’s like many other companies are constantly

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