Trader Joes in Denmark

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TRADER JOE’S LAUNCHES INTO DENMARK By: Stephanie Meghan Anh Zoe Jiang Cindy Emine OUTLINE 1. Introduction 2. Situation Analysis a. Environmental scan i. What is the potential market? ii. Who are our competitors? iii. What are the key trends in the social and cultural environment that are relevant to adoption? 3. SWOT Analysis a. Strengths b. Weaknesses c. Opportunities d. Threats 4. Marketing Strategies a. Targets and Positioning i. What is the best way to segment our market(s)? ii. Which segment(s) do we target? iii. How do we position the product? b. Product…show more content…
After this type of analysis, it is easier to deduce that most consumers in Denmark accept and prefer organic foods, which Trade Joe’s provides. In the mornings, most adults drink coffee or tea and eat rye bread or white bread with cheese or jam.[iii] These products are commonly found in Trader Joe’s. The target market in Denmark, is defined as young people from years 20-40, amongst which the majority are currently employed. This means that during the day they are in search of a fast and highly nutritional meal, which can be eaten in the office quickly. Trader Joe’s can provide for that need in Denmark with a quick and healthy meal plan. Private enterprises are considered to be key actors in achieving sustainable development in Denmark.[iv] Therefore it is essential that companies take an active part in the efforts to improve the environment and contribute to green industrial development. A large number of companies in Denmark, thus, are sustainable and ethical and have high ranks among sustainable companies all over the world, like Danisco, Chr. Hansen Holding and tec. Many of the sustainable companies have products in traditional grocery stores, which are the biggest competitors of Trader Joe’s. Meanwhile, some local food factories and restaurants in Denmark are also very big competitors for Trader Joe’s, even though they may not serve food with very ethical resources. Such companies like Danish
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