Tradition Depicted In The Lottery, By Shirley Jackson

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Some of the villagers from the lottery share different opinions on whether or not the lottery should be practiced. Sure there are people that feel that the lottery is necessary, to them there isn’t anything wrong with it it’s “tradition.” then you have the people who don’t agree with it who think it’s outdated those who see the wrong. They speak up but not enough. They give their two cents but it is shot down by the elders. They use examples from other surrounding villages who have ended the tradition of the lottery but they are pointed at as “packs of young fools.” There is an eagerness among the villagers for it to just get over with this suggests that there is a desire to end this tradition, it’s common sense that if someone enjoys something the are reluctant for such event that they enjoy to end. We see the villagers wanting it to end, we also see the nervousness of some of them while they walk or…show more content…
She doesn’t want to die, nor does she want anyone in her family to die. But i find that many of these villagers are hypocritical they don’t want to die. They fear being the one with the slip of paper with the black circle for it spells imminent death of either them or one of their family members they hold dear. But yet they are quick to pick up a stone and throw it quick to kill the winner of the “lottery.”
In conclusion the people in this village have a wide rang in opinions. But i think the main reason that they continued to participate was out of fear and tradition, fear that if they broke tradition they could be stoned to death like they did the one unlucky person every year. Scared to break tradition for that is all they know, to them straying from the know and wandering into the unknown could bring consequences no one knows of. Although some detest these actions the traditions they continue because the unknown is scarier than the death that happens once a
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