Traditional African Music Compilation By Kevin Macleod

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I, along with my group members London, Keely, Austin, Cody, and Maddie, choreographed the dance “Homecoming” to the song “Traditional African Music Compilation” by Kevin Macleod. This dance is a symbol of all we have learned this semester and our intent was to demonstrate that. This semester we studied tribal dance, more specifically african dances, such as the Maasai Jumping Dance. We also learned about war dances and the different reasons villages dance during times of war. We attempted to include elements of all these different dance styles relating to our theme. This project is the only time I have ever been able to perform on a stage for an audience, whether it be dance, acting, or singing. It was a unique experience that I thoroughly…show more content…
Our dance supported this theme and story with the war dance we did in the beginning of the dance. The warriors also got spears and supplies before waving goodbye and exiting the stage. The villagers then performed a somber mournful dance. As the warriors come back onstage, the villagers were looking around eager for the warriors return. Then we all came together and cheered then did a dance celebrating the return. We emphasized the happiness of coming back from war safe. We all worked well together and made equal contributions to the process. I choreographed the war dance, and the elephant celebration dance movements. I also found the music for our performance. London, Maddie, Keely, and Austin all worked together to choreograph the dance while the warriors were off stage. Cody helped come up with the ideas of warriors and having spears and backpacks. I don’t remember all the details of what each group member did specifically, but we were all supportive and also respectful. We worked off each others ideas and offered constructive comments rather than bickering or being stubborn. I enjoyed working with my group and can say we are friends because of it. I feel our performance relates very well with the information we have learned in class. Our original Idea was to use a few moves from all the

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