Traditional And Distance Learning Programs

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In this age of advance technology most information received is online. People in today’s society must keep up with the demands of delivering and receiving information at a fast pace.
The advent of technology has brought a change in the varied echelons of life, as is evident through the rise of e-commerce and social networking. We have become accustom to the convenience of socializing, working, and learning online. Both traditional and distance learning programs provide eminence education. However, there is much controversy surrounding the quality of education received through distance verses traditional learning. By evaluating the differences and similarities between distance and traditional methods of education, we can determine how the quality of education received through distance learning is more efficient in today’s fast-paced society.
Technological advancements are the sign of the times that we live in. From Smartphones to Facebook, these technology advancements reflect the intellectual growth of our generation. The educational sector is not immune to the technological development most of our books in traditional schooling are on smart tablets. "We must use technology to empower teachers and improve the way students learn," said Joel Klein, a former New York City schools ' chief who now leads News Corp. 's education tablet program. Joel Klein also states "At its best, education technology will change the face of education by helping teachers manage the…
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