Traditional And Distance Learning Programs

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In this age of advance technology most information received is online. People in today’s society must keep up with the demands of delivering and receiving information at a fast pace.
The advent of technology has brought a change in the varied echelons of life, as is evident through the rise of e-commerce and social networking. We have become accustom to the convenience of socializing, working, and learning online. Both traditional and distance learning programs provide eminence education. However, there is much controversy surrounding the quality of education received through distance verses traditional learning. By evaluating the differences and similarities between distance and traditional methods of education, we can determine
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Hannay and Newvine note “that while the concept of distance learning, or rather on-line learning has popularized in the present days, the concept is not alien to the education community, as is evident from the vast history of correspondence education” (Hannay and Newvine, 2006, p. 7). However, times have changed; regardless if the education community is onboard today’s learner demands an education that offers convenience, flexibility, and courses available for career advancements.
Distance education offers more convenience for the adult learner than traditional schools. As more job advancement opportunities require a certification, a wider age demographics enter the classroom and need to address their individual concerns and expectations. A distance-learning course, as opposed to a traditional learning course provides flexibility, ease of learning while working, and reduced cost advantage to the learners (Hassenburg, 2009). Furthermore a distance-learning course provides a learner, an option to alter their skill set and learning lesson as per their personalized needs, and provide a sense of autonomy to the student. Many adult learners have children and work full-time jobs. The last thing an adult learner wants to do is to fight
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