Should Families Be More Traditional With Morality And Respect?

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“The family you come from isn 't as important as the family you 're going to have.” – Ring Lardner. Even though traditional values should change, families should be more traditional with mortality and respect. A family is the best thing that anyone can ask for. Traditional families hold the true values of friendship, honesty, loyalty, morals, and respect. While this issue is complex and may be hard to discuss there is a simple answer. Traditional families use morals to raise their children and create good people to better the world someday. Morals help better the individual. Traditional families teach each member the respect required to be shown towards others whether it be the workforce or in a grocery store. Morality is the key to a good person. Morality is the quality that drives individuals to better the environment around them and, while doing so, better themselves in the process. Morality is a quality that shapes and develops the world we live in. If all families were built from the ground up such as, the father being the family leader and the mother being the one who keeps things in order amongst the family, then there would be much less problems in the world that we live in today. Traditional families hold values that a single parent cannot teach to their children. Values like loyalty and maturity are imperative to a good citizens character. Traditional families. Morals teach kids the true meaning of a relationship. This kind of teaching helps kids develop into
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