Traditional Family Model Of One Spouse Working Full Time Outside The Home

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The traditional family model of one spouse working full time outside the home and the other spouse, usually the mom, staying at home and caring for the children seems to have gone by the wayside somewhat in the last twenty years. And in a single parent situation, it is nothing short of impossible to work out such a program. But the need for a consistent adult caregiver in the home for your kids does not go away. So we have to find alternatives. There are a number of alternatives that can make sure your kids are cared for and allow you to continue to maintain income, which itself is a critical need of the house that doesn 't go away just because you are a single parent home. Day care for your younger children is a well known alternative that works well for millions of single parent homes. Sometimes if you have older children who can care for the younger ones, they can become responsible enough to manage things between when school lets out and when you get home from work. And in town relatives can help out too. But even with these fine alternatives, many single moms and dads feel guilty driving off to work each day leaving their children in these alternative situations. The ideal situation would be if you could make a good living wage and work from home. You have heard of people who have worked out such programs so its easy to think, "Hey why not me?" Its fair question. Why not you indeed? The truth is that work at home arrangements have become more common than ever in the

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