Traditional Family Roles Of The Mexican Culture

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Traditional Family Roles

Spanish quarter project

Shelby Smith 9th grade

Traditional Family

A traditional mexican family usually consists of a mother a father the child or children and sometimes aunts or uncles or grandparents. Also most mexicans are Catholic which means if you are married in the church and your kids are baptized in the church then your marriage is legal and your kids are legally registered.

Mother,Father and Upbringing

Women are typically play a dependent role in the relationship because of their Roman catholic religion. The mother is the heart of the family. A mother 's typical roles are cooking food, cleaning the house, and taking care of the kids full time up until they go to school. Some of these
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Grandparents are also required to sometimes take care of their grandchildren. When parents become too old to live by himself they tend to move in with their children or their children move in with them, they are never allowed to go to a nursing home, unless it is there last option and in need of medication or medical attention. The life expectancy for an elderly mexican person is from seventy six to one hundred years old.


Roman Catholic which takes up eighty two point seven percent of the population.Pentecostal, Evangelical, and Protestant Christianity take up six point six percent. Atheist of Agnostic take up for point seven percent. Jehovah’s Witness Christianity takes up one point four percent and Other beliefs take up four point six percent of the population. The most common and most practiced religion is roman catholic. The mexican roman catholic history is divided into two parts the colonial and the postcolonial. Mexico is the largest Catholic Country in the world it has 18 Ecclesiastical Provinces and 90 dioceses, they also have over 15,700 diocesan priests and over 45,000 people


Just like in the US there are 3 meals a day. But the most important meal of the day is el almuerzo (lunch) unlike the US.To start off the day they have a huge breakfast, which includes 2 eggs and a smaller steak with beans and a cup of coffee. For
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