Traditional Marital Customs Still Play Essay

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Introduction Family has long been treated as the basic unit in Chinese society. Traditional marital customs still play a pivotal role in people’s common life, especially in their own marriage practices. The majority of Chinese people follow the basic ancient marital principle: a man or woman should get married upon coming of age. In contemporary Chinese society, when young people coming to the age of marriage, parents, realities and other significant others usually push them to take their heterosexual boyfriend or girlfriend back home (Lee, 2013). Their pressure has been exacerbated becasue most of the family have only one kid due to the Chinese one child policy. Parents almost focus all their attention on the success of career and marriage of their only child. British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) news had reported that in order to release the pressure from families, some single young people are resorting to renting fake boyfriends or girlfriends and come back to their home to appease their parents and significant others on some important holidays (Hatton, 2013). Obviously, the homosexual individuals suffered more pressures from family and society. Traditional cultural values exert much influence upon young people’s mentality and make them struggle between their sexual identities and expectations from the outside environment. In particular, parental attitudes toward marriage and participants’ endorsements of filial piety values (Hu & Wang, 2013). In order to survive
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