Traditional Marketing Strategies For New Social Media

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In recent years, traditional marketing strategies have been questioned about their ability to be implemented in the present. As customers become more technologically oriented and explore the opportunities that the web has to offer them, marketers have identified that there is a need for the implementation of strategies that would allow them to create and maintain relationships with customers on social platforms. As a result, marketers have updated traditional marketing strategies to newly developed strategies that meet their current needs. They have adapted this strategies with the purpose of developing relationships with prospect customers, maintaining relationships with current customers, and fostering and creating loyal customers for the purpose of finding a mutual benefit for the business and the customer. Finally, this topic was chosen because the transition from traditional marketing to the new concept of social customer relationship management tends to be overlooked by some companies. In addition, those companies need to comprehend that the future is here and it is also changing how customers interact with the seller. The goal for paper is to understand and visualize the importance of adapting new social media strategies with the objective of benefit both the seller and the customer.
In recent years, the market has experience a major shift when it comes to the purchasing behaviors from buyers around the world. In addition, marketers have also changed their approach to
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