Traditional Marriage Has Changed Over The Centuries

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Traditional marriage is a marriage between one man and one woman. Also, it is a form of marriage recognized in a given country or religious group. Traditional marriage has been in jeopardy since the traditional concept of marriage has changed over the centuries. One reason why traditional marriage is in jeopardy is because same-sex marriage has increased, especially because it’s legal in the USA. Another reason traditional marriage is in jeopardy is the acceptance of high divorce rate. Traditional marriage has become irrelevant in today’s society where many couples remain together without marriage.
According to Bill Frist’s article "A Constitutional Amendment Is Needed to Save Traditional Marriage," he planned to bring the Marriage Protection Amendment to the Senate floor in 2006. He believes that the Marriage Protection Amendment has nothing to do with discriminating against same-sex couples, but it 's about defending traditional marriage that has served society well throughout history. However, Deborah Zalesner’s article "The Contractual Family: The Role Of The Market In Shaping Family Formations And Rights" explains attempts to discuss how non-traditional families can take advantage of the contract law to create and protect their families and also achieve many of the rights and benefits based on their married and biological soulmate. Whereas Ivan Kenneally’s article "Is Traditional Marriage Toast? Very possibly" suggests that the problem for protecting traditional
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