Traditional Media vs. Emerging Media

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Vickie Coston Online education vs. Traditional education Do you enjoy sitting in class with peers and taking notes and while listening to the professor’s lecture? Or do you prefer sitting at home alone, learning at your own pace? Online education allows the students to learn at his or her pace, while traditional education gives students the tools to succeed in a more competitive environment. Personal learning styles differ. Therefore, the differences between online education and traditional education in terms of instruction and social interaction might be worth considering when choosing between online education and traditional education. Online education has a huge advantage over traditional education because it allows you to…show more content…
If you need to take a course for your degree that is offered only during the day, it is difficult for working students to set aside their full-time job just to be able to enroll in the class. Traditional classrooms are not very flexible like online classes are. Sometimes teachers might give you a day off, but if you use them, you get really far behind the class. And what if on your off day the teacher happens to give a pop quiz then you are out of luck! Although you do not attend an actual campus, there are some similarities between online education and traditional education. Both types of education present the same level of difficulty. Online assignments are a little easier because say you have a mid- term exam you are allowed to use your text books and in a traditional classroom who have to memorize what the professor taught you. However, the online exams are often a little more difficult and you have to carefully read your questions. The assignments are very important part of learning and are given to all students, no matter if the student has online classes or the student attends a regular class. One can expect to complete assignments and reading and attend tests in an online classroom, just as they would in a regular classroom. Exams and texts are used to test the students understanding of a particular topic or subject. Exams are usually given to students either monthly,
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