Traditional Medicine Versus Modern Medicine

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Delilah Charrier
English 1020 04I
07 December 2015

Traditional Medicine Versus Modern medicine

In order to live a long and healthy life we must take care of ourselves. Good health is important not for just a long life but to maintain a good quality of life. In today’s society we want options in how we take care of ourselves. With the rising costs of healthcare, it seems more people are looking for alternative options to the modern medical practices. In countries across the globe most of the population still use traditional medicine rather than modern medicine.
In recent years the use of traditional medicine in America has surged. Many people are turning to traditional medicine as an approach to taking care of their health and to heal themselves when they do become sick.
Modern medicine, also called conventional or western medicine is medicine practiced by medical doctors and is what we know today as the standard in healthcare. “Modern medicine assumes that all physiological and pathological phenomena can be explained in concrete terms, and “best practice” is the end result of a stream of objective analyses which begin with nonhuman model systems, evolve through blinded studies and statistical analysis of those results, and end with guidelines to which doctors adhere to achieve optimal patient outcomes.” “modern medicine." Segen 's Medical Dictionary. 2011. Farlex, Inc. 7 Dec. 2015 Modern medicine is backed by scientific research. Conventional medical doctors are…
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