Traditional Medicines For Treat And Control Livestock Health

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he use of traditional medicines to treat and control livestock diseases is an ancient practice in developing countries which is imparted by the word of mouth (Birhanu and Abera, 2015). The medicines have been used before the introduction of synthetic drugs in managing livestock health. Gakuubi and Wanzala (2012) noted that the detection of traditional medicines have been noted by seeing animals treating themselves by eating and rubbing with certain medicines. The practice of traditional medicines is a compound multi-disciplinary structure constituting the use of plants, animals, spirituality and minerals. Elderly people developed the abilities of identifying sick animals from healthy animals and that technique has aided farmers in diagnosing different diseases affecting their livestock. The skills of identifying the diseases have been developed through practice and experience since elderly people spent much of their times herding and handling their livestock (Mcelroy et al., 2002). The knowledge on signs of diseases has enabled farmers to identify the medicines suitable for different diseases. However, cultural systems are dynamic among different communities and the knowledge have remained within community members thus exposing it to extinction since the information is passed orally (Kpodar et al., 2015). Documentation of traditional medicines has only recently started due to the increasing in acceptance that certain traditional remedies used have a therapeutic value in
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