Traditional Model Of School Is Shifting And Moving From A Teacher Centered Classroom

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Many argue that the traditional model of school is shifting and moving from a teacher centered learning classroom to a learner-centered classroom (Rosen & Beck-Hill, 2012). Teachers are being forced, encouraged, or mandated to address the needs of 21st century learners, creating a more learner-centered classroom environment and many times this is through the implementation of one-to-one initiatives. Some one-to-one initiatives use laptops, iPads, or netbooks but the purpose is the same, to meet the needs of today’s students. In the coming years, it is clear that schools will be required to move beyond predictable methods of teaching and learning (Shapley, Sheehan, Maloney, & Carnaikas-Walker, 2011). As Clarina (2009) stated, parents will be increasingly expect technology integration and even one-to-one computing environments in the classroom.
Technology use and technology centered classrooms can help prepare students for future jobs and skills necessary to live in the 21st century. “The creation of 21st century classrooms has provided opportunities for students to use various forms of technology tools to collect information, and connect to one another as well as other students throughout the world” (Keengwe, Schnellert, & Mills, 2012, p. 138). The “real-world” experiences where technology is provided can help students be prepared for their future. It is difficult to emphasize to students the need to learn irrelevant information when they could be prepared with critical
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