Traditional Models Of Chinese Parenting

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Being a parent can be one of the most difficult and demanding jobs a person will ever have. Most parents want his or her children to become independent, productive, and successful. Parents have a lot of responsibilities with his or her children. Most parents will develop their own style of parenting. A parenting style is defined as a person that instructs, define boundaries, and set rules that parents utilizes in the child’s rearing. Some examples of modern parenting styles include Helicopter parenting, Chinese parenting, and Western parenting. The helicopter parent is a parent who “hovers” close to the child, noting the child’s every move and “swooping” down to rescue the child at the first sign of danger or discomfort. The traditional models of Chinese parenting is characterized as a parent that encourages independence and demands excellent achievements in every aspect of the child’s life. Western parenting style focuses more on self-esteem and independence. Western parenting style is characterized as “enjoy what you are doing” style, which has fewer demands that are placed on the child. Every parent agrees that encouragement, structure, and understanding will help the child to become an independent adult. Parents expect children to develop critical mental skills that are necessary to accomplish his or her goals. The most essential part of parenting, is to encourage and inspire the child to be goal-oriented and independent. High expectations for children is the best
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