Traditional Religious Wardrobe And High Fashion Mix

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It is a rare occurrence that traditional religious wardrobe and high fashion mix. However, H&M is combining the two in a recent campaign. This advertisement is creating culture fusion, acceptance of Muslim culture and a space for the hijab within fashion. However, there has been negative reviews concerning losing their culture and fear from the public.
The retailer H&M has recently been using advertisements with people of all shapes and sizes. Their new advertisement style is making fashion flexible. The most recent video campaign features a model, wearing a traditional hijab (nyt). The models name is Mariah Idrissi and she hopes that this advertisement recreates an old Muslim tradition and how people view it. The hijab is a traditional Islamic piece of clothing that is an expression of modesty and privacy.
This mixture of traditional Muslim culture and modern American pop culture is an example of a cultural fusion. It is very uncommon for such a traditional religious cultural item to appear in something involved so highly in modern culture. However I think that the hijab expresses more than just religion but it also is an expression of Muslim culture. This campaign takes a tradition Muslim practice and give it an American outlook. Creating a culture for Muslims and Muslim Americans with in not only American culture but also high fashion.
One major thing that this advertisement did was to help forge a space for Muslim culture. Helping to create a positive picture of

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