Traditional Sangomas And Traditional Beliefs

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The History of the traditional healer is closely linked to the concept of African tradition religion. African people are seen as very religious and did not worship inert object. They believe in a supreme being known by different names: Umvelingangi for the Zulus, Uqamatha for the Xhosa, Tilo for the Tsonga, etc. The Sangomas see their ancestors resting in another spiritual realm not distend from the angels of God. Therefore, they passed to them the baton of their deed before their departure.
Traditional healing started a long time ago when our forefather used to get information through the dreams when there is something that was going to happen in the family. This practice passes on from generation to generation. It is impossible to become a traditional healer and in the family tree, there was never such. One cannot become a Sangoma unless he or she has a calling from the ancestors and there must be one Sangoma in their lineage. The Sangomas emphasise on the importance a close friendship with the ancestors by doing regular sacrifice to them, honouring and pledging allegiance to them. The Sangomas did not see themselves opposed to Western medicine but a different perspective on health.
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