Traditional Teaching Method Versus New Teaching Method

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Becoming a rational citizen and an intellectually built up individual requires many integral parts. Without a doubt, the most essential part is education. This process involves a series of lessons which are there to guide every person to create strong foundations for self-judgment and reasoning. Therefore, it is very important to find the right way to transmit this essential information to the students in order to promote creativity and efficiency for the new generations which are considered the drive to innovation, social and economical growth (Damodharan & Rengarajan 07). As mentioned by Damodharan and Rengarajan, the measure of efficiency in teaching narrows down to the methodology used in the teaching system. Frankly speaking, if we…show more content…
There is visually no right or wrong answer in those types of discussions. Everyone has his/her own opinion and is encouraged to express it. This helps students in developing their critical and creative thinking, which are considered an essential part of the new teaching system. Hence, this teaching methodology helps students visualize the lesson taught through different ways of demonstrations and presentation, and not simply by the method of explanation without doing anything regarding the practical aspect. This type of schooling makes students more interested in their studies and their ideas are taken into consideration. After evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of both the old and new teaching system, we can see that many new teaching methods are modifications of the old system with the main intention to create a more successful “send- receive” information flow. The new method of teaching has numerous advantages from which students can benefit e.g. cooperative learning, active listening, and critical and creative thinking rather than 'copy-paste'' learning. In comparison with the old teaching system, which is teacher-oriented and does not necessarily allow student feedback, the new method puts students in the center of the class and pushes them towards being more active in the class possible. Since not everything is taught by teachers, students may have to find
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