Traditional Times Vs Modern Times

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The selective students came from Elective class (Drama) with diverse backgrounds and we were brought together to perform ‘Stations of the Cross’, performance presenting the ‘Traditional times Vs Modern times’ to the school audience. The casting for the drama was open to participants to select. The whole casting process itself was very challenging and fun. In the beginning, I found it was necessary to engage the participant’s focus on the process rather than the outcome and hence specific requirements for the drama were not decided upfront. Each of us was given the opportunity to select a station for the drama and to come up with scripts for both modern and tradition times. We came up with the drama direction and communicated to the casts taking into considering the feelings, artistic expressions and deep relationships including the stage set up and color/costumes, etc. The challenges my group and I faced was towards the group dynamics/culture, focus and drama management. Though we were guided by Ms. Moeser, there was no leader appointed to run the show within the group. Clear objectives and task structure (clear divisions of tasks) were not set in advance.

Due to lack of drama management (as it was a mini project), everybody was involved in everything and this lead to lack of coordination and distraction from the goal that we wanted to achieve. This also lead to time loss, low output and concentration. Participants would go away on their own tangent and involve…
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