Traditional Vs. Distance Education : Traditional Education And Higher Education

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Traditional and distance learning are two options to obtaining a higher education. Although both have great options in providing quality education to prospective students, there are noticeable dissimilarities in how the education is presented in the classroom environment. Most students find it difficult to choose which educational option to opt for. Over the years, technology has made it easier for students to obtain a higher education. Before, busy students often struggle with balancing school and their personal life. Students can now choose between attending a distance learning school or to attend a traditional college. Distance learning schools and traditional college are both effective methods of obtaining a higher education depending on convenience, quality, and learning style. While both options have similar methods of educating students, they also differ in important features such as flexibility, communication, and learning process style.
The most important feature of distance learning is that online schools offer flexibility for prospective students. This allows students the ease of attending class in their own time and the place of their choosing. Flexibility is very important for students with hectic schedules such as balancing school, work, and personal life. In fact, studies have shown that online colleges are specifically designed to cater to busy students. Studies have shown that about 1,000 schools offer online curriculum using distance learning
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