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The Cameroon Tribes Traditional weddings The Bafia Tribe: The Bafia Tribe was a tribe that believed in many strange wedding traditions. However, this tradition is not alive, or believed in any more. When this tradition was still quite alive and well, the Bafia tribe believed that whenever a young woman was captured she was proclaimed as married. Unlike any other tribe the captor never made himself known to others and never offered gifts in exchange for his wife. Sadly, but not surprisingly the mother, father, or the family in general never made a single effort to get the young girl or woman back.
The Banen Tribe: Just like the Bafia Tribe’s wedding tradition, this wedding tradition is also lifeless. During the tradition, there would be two families that were getting married. These two families would exchange brides. The new bride will go and live with the husband’s senior wife, or also known as an ex-wife, then his senior wife will then train the future bride or wife exactly what her new man likes, and when he likes it. After the young girls puberty ceremony the marriage will be consummated.
The Bamileke Tribe: Unlike the other tribes this tradition is still alive and well. At birth a young girl can and most likely will be betrothed. At the exact age of 15 the young woman will get married to the assigned husband. The future husband will pay what is called bride wealth. This consists of livestock, spears, food, drinks, cloths, weapons, money, blots, and vehicles. When a

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