Traditional and Nontraditional Forms of Litigation

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Traditional and Nontraditional Forms of Litigation In every business of today, every business and organization needs legal assistance. Yet, the types of legal assistance might not always be the same, depending on the individual industry and situational analysis of the business in question. This is a comparison of traditional and nontraditional litigation services that are often used by contemporary businesses, with special attention paid to Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). First, to understand the newer, nontraditional forms of litigation it is imperative to set up a sound foundation for understanding the more traditional forms of litigation. Essentially, traditional litigation is the process of going to court to handle disputes of both business and civil matters. As such, "litigation is the traditional process, whereby both parties use the court system and procedures to resolve their dispute" (Lewis, 2012). Here, legal advice and representation is provided by lawyers who act on behalf of the parties involved in the dispute. In this traditional form, the parties can not talk to each other at all during the context of the dispute process. In contrast to the more traditional styles of litigation, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is much different. Essentially, this more alternative style to approaching litigation needs aims to resolve disputes before they have to actually go through the expensive and complicated process of litigation. Here the research claims that

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