Essay on Traditional vs Distance Education

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Education is an essential element in societies throughout the world. For many years education has been provided in classrooms on campuses worldwide, but there has been a change made to the conventional method of classroom learning. With the advancements in technology, education has been restructured so that it may be accessible to everyone through taking courses online. Distance learning takes place when the teacher and student are separated from one another due to their physical location and technology is used to communicate instructions to the student and to communicate feedback to the instructor. The virtual classroom is one of the various forms of technology used as an alternative to the traditional classroom settings. Other…show more content…
According to Fox (1998), what is in dispute is not whether distance education is ideal, but whether it is good enough to merit a university degree, and whether it is better than receiving no education at all. He alludes to an argument that states students learn far too little when the teacher's personal presence is not available because the student has more to learn from the teacher than the texts. Thus, in order for the student to be taught well, does the teacher have to be personally present?
Many advocates of distance education are ardent about their venue and very critical of traditional education. These online education devotees view traditional classes as being unchangeable, inflexible, teacher-centered, and static (Fitzpatrick 2001). However, proponents argue that many simply would not be able to get a degree without distance education—the full-time police officer, the mother of four, or the individual living in a rural area approximately 100-200 miles away from any educational institution. Many individuals desperately need distance education courses because they "have jobs, families, civic responsibilities. They are thirsting. But some want us to say, 'Sorry you don't want to drink the water there, but we can't bottle our fresh spring water, so you'll have to come here or drink nothing" (Fox, 1998, p. 5). Proponents contend that distance education is "as good as" traditional education. In other words, learning occurs
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