Essay about Traditional vs. Modern Architecture in China

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Question: Traditional culture in architecture is being eroded by modernity of the present architecture in China. Analyze the causes and effects of this problem and possible solutions. In China, urbanization is at dramatic pace but in static patterns. This leads to the Chinese cities losing their own styles, and being built in the static architecture modes which are introduced from developed countries. Moreover, the traditional architecture cultures are being eroded by the static modern architecture patterns. Some of them are even on the boundary of extinction. Recently, architects in China have shown an increasing interest in the issue of traditional architecture in the modern era. This paper studies on the causes and effects of the…show more content…
Although there are many success works, the “modern temperament” is indeed threatening the status of traditional architecture. In fact, cities in China are constructed rapidly yet monotonously. The development of modern architecture design in China cannot match with the splitting urbanization. In the major cities of China, there is almost no difference and few characters of architecture in Chinese cities. (there are almost no differences between the architectures and only a few of them have characters) The reason of this phenomenon is that in the present architecture in China, the traditional culture is confronted with an all-out threat of modernity,and is being eroded slowly. For example, a large-scale commercial pedestrian street called Luoma Market was planned to be constructed in a historical and cultural relic of the ancient site near the Bell Tower in Xi’an (a historical city on the northwest of China) (a historical city located in the northwestern of China). Due to the investors’ one-sided pursuit of modernization and ignorance of the local area history and culture, after 6 years of construction, the urban context was cut off by the pedestrian street. Because of this, as a local newspaper in Xi’an reported in 2007(according to the Xi’an local newspaper that was reported in 2007), the Luoma Market, which was full of modern emporiums and hotels, is just like an incongruous
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