Traditional vs Team Environments

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Running head: Traditional vs. Team Work Environments

Traditional vs. Team Work Environments and the Potential for Self-Managed Teams

Traditional vs Team Environments
This paper will explain the differences between traditional environments and team work environments. According to Exhibit 12.1 in our text book, in the traditional environment the managers determine and plan the work, and in a team environment the managers and team members jointly determine and plan the work. Jobs are narrowly defined and cross-training is viewed as inefficient in a traditional environment. Team environments feel jobs require broad skills and knowledge and cross-training is the norm. Most information is considered “management property” while it is
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(MacDonald 2015) Due to the fact Dalman and Lei are spending a lot of time solving problems that the location mangers should be resolving; they are considering implementing a self-managed team approach for the organization. Of course, there are disadvantages but some of the advantages of self-manage teams are they promote empowerment; increased employee commitment; build better customer satisfaction; quality control; team members could be cross-trained to do all jobs. Dalman and Lei could share their knowledge on how the business operation is to function and why certain things are done a particular way. Self-managed teams are trending today, but a team would not be able to assume all those responsibilities at once. Team members would have to be trained on the various supervisory routines in their daily functions. In order to implement this process Dalman and Lei must ensure the expectations and parameters to work in are clearly defined, training is conducted, methods for reviewing and evaluating progress are in order, and goals are set so that the team members can take responsibility for addressing issues and providing solutions that work. If implemented successfully, Dalman and Lei would be able to devote more time to focus on growing Sandwich Blitz, and their team will take on
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