Traditionally, A Common Hmong’S Custom Is That A Soul Can

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Traditionally, a common Hmong’s custom is that a soul can separate from its body and a shaman possesses power to control spiritual forces. Therefore, a shaman is capable of healing illnesses at the spiritual level. The Hmong have a belief that ancestral spirits, including the spirits of shamans are reincarnated into the same family tree. The Hmong’s believe in their Shaman more than western doctors. They prefer to perform their treatment by hosting their rituals to save and cure their sicknesses. Unfortunately, the major problem that Hmong refugees encounter upon arrival to this country is conflict with the US medical system. This conflict arises from misunderstanding and mistrust from both health professionals and refugees patients. As a…show more content…
Eventually, they utilized traditional healing methods and they had appointed a Shaman to call back her soul. Even though her parents constantly took her for treatment to the Merced Community Medical Center (MCMC), her family was not completely convinced that US medicines could cure Lia’s health condition. Lia’s doctors were always attending and providing excellent care in the best of their knowledge and abilities. However, the Lees were worried that too much prescribed medication was harmful to Lia’s health and it could limit the effectiveness of the spiritual healing. Clearly, Lia 's parents and her doctors both wanted nothing, but the best possible way in order to ease her pain and improve her health condition. However, the lack of understanding between them led to tragedy, mainly because of cultural displacement.
My first recommendation is training and hiring more Hmong American adults and college students as interpreters in the health care industry. This will definitely serve underrepresented minorities such as the Lee family because they possess strong knowledge and background regarding the culture of this particular ethnic group. I believe that one of the reasons why the Lees are hesitant to seek for help because of language barrier. They only take Lia to the hospital as the last option because they find it hard to clearly demonstrate and communicate her symptoms. The doctors and healthcare workers on the other hand are

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