Traffic Analysis Essay

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Steven Soderbergh directs an astounding versatile study of the U.S. war on drugs in his film, Traffic. This is a film, which on the surface, looks like its main theme is the controlling of drug trafficking between the U.S. and Mexico. Indeed this is so but there is also a lot more to the film than just the trafficking of drugs. It is about the corruption of the government, law enforcement, and most importantly the corruption of family. Heartless violence, ambition, greed, hypocrisy, deceit and the ugly results of drug addiction all make their expected appearance in powerful ways. Michael Douglas plays Judge Robert Wakefield who was assigned a new appointment as a drug czar in attempt to capture…show more content…
A unique aspect of this film is the way the coloring was used for the settings. San Diego had a sort of sun-drenched atmosphere appropriately lit in a bright high-key light. The lighting used and the scenes shot gave the impression of a high society life. On the other hand, in Mexico the scenes are tinted a grainy yellow as if the location is a forsaken desert border town. One would assume that it was specifically intended to not show the beautiful beaches and scenery that Mexico has in order to make the viewer think of Mexico as a dirty, corrupt country that revolves around violence and crime. The scenes filmed in Cincinnati were all sort of a blue greenish tint. These colors resemble corruption, fraud and dishonesty. Most of the scenes filmed in the U.S. were exhibiting a struggle to maintain justice and innocence. Caroline's drug addiction steals her innocence and replaces it with dishonesty and sorrow. It gives her a misconception of reality and begins to guide her down the path of treachery. She feels as if she is forgetting about her problems and entering a world of imagination and no worries, but in actuality, she is being dishonest with herself as well as her family. Robert Wakefield is in a constant struggle to eliminate the mendacious individuals that are not only corrupting society, but corrupting his innocent
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