Traffic Case Study

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Types of traffic From the section entitled Major Areas of Functionality, we find the main application areas that support the organization’s operations. The applications were initially presented as VPNs (Virtual Private Networks), Communication, Desktop Sharing, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and E-Business. For these we will determine the types of traffic involved, before we go on to discuss Quality of Service (QoS) implications. First, we will layout the applications along the lines of Tanenbaum and Wetherall (2011, Section 5.4.1), for this will give us a good frame of reference. To each of the applications, we will attach the traffic type. The resulting applications and their traffic types are: Email and SMS (Data - Limited),…show more content…
Congestion can be likened to Vehicle Traffic Jam on a busy road network, except that in this case, we are dealing with network packets travelling from sources to destinations, or from an input to an output. We can consider two causes of congestion. One situation may be where more than one input (sources) send packets to only one output (destination). In this case, given that all the links have equal transmission speeds, the sheer number of packets from the many to one can easily overwhelm the network. The other situation, according to Tanenbaum and Wetherall (2011), is where an input source is much faster than the output, and the input is transmitting at high rate. To help address congestion, Routers and Switches generally have internal buffer queues that store packets and control the release rates of such packets, but if the queues get full congestion ensues, hence the need for better congestion control. Experts, including Professor Syed Nabeel (Personal Communication, 08/31/2017) , have pointed out that Congestion Control is the responsibility of both the Network and Transport layers, therefore we can categorize congestion control mechanisms under either Transport or Network. Congestion Control Mechanisms at the Network Layer include Network Provisioning, which is building a resilient network at the onset or making modifications after the fact. Traffic-aware Routing, which is a form
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