Traffic Court Observation Paper

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I decided to attend a night traffic court session at the Ventura Courthouse. The cases ranged from seat belt violations to reckless driving. Most of the defendants appeared before the court to request more time to pay the fines associated with the tickets. I was surprised to see that very few of the people in the courthouse were pleading not guilty. Only one person showed up to defend a case with legal help from an attorney of some sort. The first person to claim not guilty was charged with speeding. I tried to get as many of the details of the case as possible. The facts of the case were as follows: While driving on Bogus Avenue, the defendant was stopped by an Officer and was charged with violating CVC 22350. The charge was driving…show more content…
I was unaware that the law does not require drivers to stop for a predetermined length of time. The defendant pleaded Not Guilty to the charge of violating CVC 22450(a). The facts of the case were as follows: While exiting the 5 freeway, the defendant claims to have made a brief stop at a stop sign at the intersection at the end of the off ramp. After the stop, she proceeded to turn right through the intersection. Shortly thereafter, she was stopped by a officer and was charged with violating CVC 22450(a) - Failure to stop for stop sign. The defendant stated that she told the officer that she had stopped at the limit line as required. The officer agreed and said: "You stopped, but you didn't stop long enough." The defendant stated that the officer seemed to indicate in this statement that he wanted her to stop for a longer period of time than she actually had. The defendant read from the California Vehicle Code, "the required length of time for a stop is defined in CVC 587 as Stop or stopping... shall mean any cessation of movement of a vehicle." The defendant then stated that she believed that any cessation of movement would include the stop she made. She then stressed that the officer, by his statements, seemed to believe that a set time period for a stop is required though no such set time length is actually provided for in the law. The defendant also offered that since many drivers do not stop at all at an uncontested stop, the officer may have not had
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